BINGBINGBINGBINGBINGBING! We have a winner from the “Demo Submission That Will Automatically Get Given The Track Of The Day Award” competition that we invented in our warped little minds just now, as a rudimentary means of kickstarting our latest feature. We’re good, right? Taking back what we said earlier about not receiving many email submissions that genuinely had us doing that windmill dance that Shakira does in the video for Whenever Wherever due to the sheer unadulterated goodness of it all, South London’s Fractures may as well have reported us to the thought police for having thunk such a think. On that note, let’s take a few moments out here and stop talking like a 6 year old; these guys require your immediate attention, both general music-adoring public, and spying music industry goons. Based on our history of listening to the indomitable track Alone for all of 15 minutes (and yes, we are hooked now), and with traces of modern indie rock contemporaries Funeral Party, Mona, Wolf Gang and Tribes, we can’t imagine it will be terribly long before you see these guys cropping up on radio playlists up and down, left and right, all over the shop. Key lyric: “When this song is over, you’ll be mine“. They had us at “Hello“.

Fractures – Alone

BINGBINGBINGBINGBINGBING!  DOUBLE PRIZES! Check out the video below for other track, Eastern Crowd


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