Us Baby Bear Bones

Us Baby Bear Bones
“This Song’s Not About You Anymore”

Shitting hell, we’re so tired. Tired, yet ridiculously motivated. Following a weekend of indulgence that included (but was not limited to) fist-pumpin’ and pop-punkin’ to a bit of The Xcerts (well done boys) and Taking Back Sunday (welcome back boys) at the Roundhouse on Friday; having a new age BBQ with a vintage/tesco feel in London Fields, as part of our now-weekendly routine of going ice cream van-hunting in a different London park each time (you’re next Greenwich), followed by visiting a rather famous wine bar in Embankment for our good friend Deltoid’s birthday bash; hitting up a greasy halal-spoon this morning afternoon for a beef and bread orientated breakfast; listening to Tyler, The Creator‘s new album whilst stuck in traffic and feeling our brain slowly melt away like pieces of wet cake as a result. So yeah, we’ve overdone it a bit. We are, however, soothed to the point of being as calm as a Hindu cow by listening to the gentle-powerfulness of Brighton-based Us Baby Bear Bones and their sensual tune This Song’s Not About You Anymore. Kicking off this two minute masterpiece with Mr Little Jeans-style vocals with a WWII French jazzy twist (well, alright, let’s just say it reminds us of that record the soldiers in Saving Private Ryan were listening to shortly before they got minced by the Nazis), the song trails off into a mysterious accordian-tinted abyss, leaving us bewildered, intrigued and entranced all at the same time.

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Us Baby Bear Bones – This Song’s Not About You Anymore

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