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The Operators

Bit of a blast from the recent past, this one. The last we heard (and we do hear a lot of things), The Operators were cruising along nicely circa 2008/2009, having been picked up the the seemingly-unstoppable-at-the-time management wing of the B-Unique label, fired off a couple of banger tunes, then…zip. They went. To where, we don’t know. But the great news is they’re back, and about to open a large tin can labelled “Whoop, There It Is” on a number of asses belonging to people of consequence. We understand an album has been prepared and ready to drop for the 27th of this month (which we have just realised is literally next week), and with show and festival confirmations coming in thick and fast – for example, the Isle Of Wight Festival on the 9th June – it is rather clear that these four dudes are going the distance. To celebrate, they have today unveiled the brand spanking new video for album track Tonight; a rather groovy little number, which perhaps would not be that dissimilar to the noise that a resultant love child would make after being spawned forth from the respective love-making bits of  Justice and Prince (plus perchance Stardust, if they were conveniently floating about in those areas), should they ever decide to get their shit together and make a little tiny baby all Men style. And, boy oh boy, how great that would be.


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