PS I Love You

PS I Love You
“Butterflies & Boners”

Quite frankly we’re a little disappointed in ourselves we hadn’t made the time to investigate fast-rising Canadian duo PS I Love You a lot sooner. Yes, after hearing various mentions on the interwebnetmatrix and via the wordofmouthmachine, we were just one of the many mugs that thought people had suddenly gone batshit insane for the Hilary Swankalicious chick flick of 2007, and more relevantly, of the same name. More fool, we. Shame, it’s a. Because we haven’t loved up a two-man band-with-beards this much since we became enthralled with Japandroids those three winters ago. That is not to say PS I Love You can just be lamped into that category willy nilly – after several plays through, we have decided that these guys have far more in common with the ecclectic sonic stylings of Oberhofer, with a l’il bit of Local Natives and our very favourites Young Buffalo splattered about. Seeing these guys added to the Great Escape bill for next weekend has made our planned attendance of said event that bit more difficult, but we know if we miss it we’ll never forgive ourselves.

PS I Love You – Butterflies & Boners

UPDATE: To further illustrate how late in the game we are with this, check out the video for Get Over, which was released mere days ago…


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