Lost Disco

Good Shit: The Lost Disco

We’re all about helping brothers and sisters out here at Killing Moon HQ. Some of you may well have noticed the occassional plug that we’ve thrown to peeps and events here and there, and we’re happy to report that only 5% of the time is there an ulterior motive/press accreditation at stake. You know the drill. As a happenstance, this is not one of those percentages. A former-proper-work colleague (and full time party monkey) has only gone and done a Killing Moon and formed his own outfit/blog/label/zine wonderfully entitled Pop Scum. Whilst they await an official launch, they have opted to join forces with what we understand to be the Czar of warehouse parties in London, one Club Cool, the promoter persona of a delightful East End band known as The Coolness. We went and saw The Coolness once in 2009, at The Macbeth. It was all tits and afros and rock. Check the video below for proof…


Anyhoo, now the intros and who’s-who’s are done, the point of this post is to tell you about an event happening – which you may have already guessed given the image at the top of this page – to celebrate the release of The Coolness‘ album, Lost In A Disco, which is in fact a warehouse party at a secret-ass location in Shoreditch. This is due to take place on the 20th May, and you can keep tabs on the developing deets via facebook, or rather conveniently by clicking here. A word to the wise and the wicked; the press release we’ve received from Pop Scum about this event indicates that as many as “1000 + Kids On K” have been been seen to “block roads” before, during and after such events – just to give you an idea of what to expect and prepare yourself for. We’d love to make it ourselves, but unfotunately we’ve resigned ourselves to sitting with the rest of the parents at The Roundhouse for Taking Back Sunday. For further visual illustration of what attendance may entail, have a goosey at The Coolness‘ new video; the tastefully named Semen. Guess what that’s about…


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