Lana Del Rey
“Video Games”

Big weekends ahead folks. Anticipation is building nicely for this year’s Great Escape fest down in sunny Brighton, along with some rather exciting news on the Killing Moon Records front that we’ll be announcing soon-ish, when we actually find the time to stop moving for a moment – if you think we’re sitting still while we attempt this write up, you’re sorely mistaken; we’re actually writing this while on the phone to a band manager (hey Joe, lookit!) and trying to work out where we left our car keys. But let’s chat shop for a minute. We’re not going to say that we’ve “been aware of” sizzling new singerlet Lana Del Rey “for some time now”, because we read somewhere on twitter this week that it’s not really cool. You know what’s cool? Saying “WE KNEW ABOUT THIS EVEN BEFORE THE ARTIST DID”. Jests aside, Lana has presented to the online community a video for Video Games, very much in-line with her other visual exploits, splicing images of 1950’s icons, locations, and the occasional explosion, alongside her sultry face popping up hither and thither. Think along the lines of Dusty Springfield, Nancy Sinatra, Adele and perhaps a sprog of Jessica Rabbit for good measure, and you’ll feel right at home with this wonderful piece of vocal talent.


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