“Tiger Face”

We had some pretty fucked up dreams last night. As part of catching up with a friend in our hometown of Ealing last night, several pints of Guinness were drunk; however, no food was eaten until we got home, finished the latest instalment of The F**king Music Industry, and got properly into the second episode of Britz on 4OD. So this basically means we ate while we were pretty much asleep. Impressive in a way, bit silly in another (according to certain dieticians). At some point in the early hours of the morning, we woke up in a rather anxious state, and very much under the impression that there was something animalistic hiding in the shadows. Not in a kinky way either. So having spent most of our day attending to our various affairs wondering what the fuck that was all about, you can imagine our surprise-combined-with-sheer-delight that the new video from Essex ninja rock outfit Baddies for tune Tiger Face features their frontman progressively turing more and more into a…blue tiger. While this neat little tune musically boasts of the better bits of The Automatic combined with some slick Eye Of The Tiger style guitar riffs (no pun intended) and some cheeky Get Up Kids style keys, we have always had a lot of mad love for Baddies. Not only did they tour with our good buds from the now-defunct Soft Toy Emergency way back in the day, but also, as some of you may know, they also came up with the indie rock anthem Battleships. We love them and this, ya dig? In other band-related goings-on, they have recently announced a partnership with Pledgemusic in order to raise funds for their new record. So if you have a few spare quids, help those brothers out.




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