We had our very first complaint-via-email today, which nicely followed our first cease-and-desist order from some lovely lawyers yesterday. We specifically remember the need for a “commercial purpose” when chatting shit about copyright infringement from those times (seemingly eons ago) when we were sat listening to the finer points of advanced intellectual property law, in that to be held liable, you need to have made some money or financial benefit from the alleged infringement. Seeing as right now we make sweet fuck all dollar from the fabulous Killing Moon blog, we felt the need to raise this with the man – who swiftly replied with the standard I am a lawyer and you are not shash that we’re very much used to hearing from partners of high street firms these days. But we are digressing; the complaint in question was regarding our “musical remit”, and in particular raised the need to address the “inconsistencies in genres that [we] choose to feature” on this site. Really, dude, grow up. On one hand, we’re inclined to point out that as the sender had correctly indicated, it is indeed our choice and therefore our entire discretion to select whatever the fuck we like for features. On the other, this isn’t school. You can’t have a go at us for being “grunger-breres” anymore. Well, you can, but we’ll just write mean things right back at you. Either way, just shut your mouth and open your ears, you might like some of this stuff. In stark contrast to some of the rockier tunes we’ve been chatting about over the last couple o’ days, let us now turn our attention to the funky-spunkster Ronika


This Nottingham-based whizzkid has a bit of recent history attached to her. The industry bods amongst you may well remember her being featured all over the shop yesteryear, being tipped as the next big thang in the electro-pop craze that did and kinda still does have the nation enthralled (click here if you need a reminder…). Our gal Ronika was big into her Squarepusher at the young age of 14. She hung around way after her bedtime at some techno shows, and then decided to dump her acoustic guitar in favour of crazy post-disco-pre-house music electronic beats. She also gained a name for herself DJing at various scenester club nights, which meant the promoter obviously didn’t mind she was a young’un. Soon after this an EP, entitled Do Or Die/Paper Scissors Stone, was released – the effect of which can be felt in a lot of the recent 679 Records releases, the artists on which Ronika has been writing and collaborating with for the last 12 months. If you can imagine disco-era Madonna swinging on a roundabout with disco-era Prince on the film set of Coming To America, not only are you really cool, but you’ll find yourself in a similar position to where this music sits.

Ronika – Do Or Die

Ronika – Paper Scissors and Stone ft. Charles Washington

So, what up? Well, there’s a new EP on the way, as it happens. Forming her own label called RecordShop (which’ll make the googling relatively easy, we imagine), we’ve received word that our gal’s latest offering, Forget Yourself/Wiyoo drops onto planet Earth on 13th June. No sign of any live dates just yet, but if you don’t hear annoucements of her performing at the likes of Gold Dust and/or White Heat in the near future, we will be rather ashamed of our arrogant presumptions. In the mean time, Ronnie has made available for free download a mix of her favourite tunes and beats that have helped shape who she is today. What can we say? The girl’s got talent, and good taste. What a combination.

Ronika – Do Or Death Mixtape

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