While we’re making every possible attempt to not start every new post with something along the lines of “fookin’ hell, what a mental weekend!”, we are certain you’d agree the past three days have been somewhat exceptional, what with . Setting aside previous post-booze whines and moans (although we are still feeling the burn), we’ve actually spent our time relatively wisely and constructively. We ventured down to the Camden Crawl for both the Saturday and Sunday afternoons, where primarily we caught up with some old friends and even made some great new ones. We did see the occasional band, but mostly we drank booze – this being the first time we actually qualified for the freebies that usually everyone else except us gets – and spent an awful lot of time trying to work out which wristband does what. We would otherwise feel inclined to take the whole experience a bit more seriously and perhaps post a review. However, we did not get press acreditation, so that’s the end of that chapter. The other activity we undertook was to spread word of one of our new favourite bands, 22. Hailing from Norway, these colourful four are gaining a strong reputation in the rock artist community based on their frenetic shows, and have been described musically as the perfect crossover between Mesuggah and Klaxons, with some prime Panic At The Disco style vocals layered on top and the punk ethic of Refused spread throughout. The band are touching down in the UK for the increasingly-imminent Great Escape this month ahead of the EP Plastik – named after the title track and, coincidentally, our Track Of The Day – out on Best Before Records on 4th July. So, like, you better get down there unless you want to look stupid or something.


Update: Doubling as a reminder to us that we should probably switch to proper hosting at some point (we’re working on it, trust), you can view the more-snazzy version of the above video by clicking here.

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