“Never Fade Away”

We have decided that long weekends are not a good idea. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate the time off. But sometimes these filling these expansive summer days with meaningful activity feels more like work than, well, work. More to the point, other than sitting around, watching telly, checking out new tunes, dreaming up new ways to make the perfect poached egg (i.e. the stuff that we do on the reg anyway), realistically all we and our Killing Moon associates can think of to do is drink. And then drink some more. Right now, we are propped up in bed after laying in the recovery position, following two days of what might be described as “The Most Fucking Mental Booze Binges Ever” (which at some point last night involved feeling the need to ask Tyler The Creator what time he’s on today at the Camden Crawl, and we can’t quite believe he got back to us…), being soothed by the soothing soothness of rising Londoners Spector, courtesy of their tune Never Fade Away – in our fragile state, you might have to forgive us for daydreaming of Wu Lyf having a little sing-a-long with Chapel Club at the Haven Road Royal Wedding Street Party we were present at last Friday when we play this back. Managed by the music guys at Simon Fuller’s XIX Management, and this track in particular receiving a release on Luv Luv Luv Records (who look after the business affairs of one Florence and her machine) on 20th June, you can be more or less assured you will be seeing these guys all over any number of shops over the next 6 months.

Spector – Never Fade Away

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