“Love Like ’97”

We are writing this from bed. That’s right kids, Uncle Killing Moon has a bad back, bad legs, bad neck – essentially all the bads that are derived from too much running around in the park (especially one that is pretty much a hill), and not enough warm ups/downs. More fool we. Never mind. The sun is still shining, even though we’re not out in it, and this makes our new Track Of The Day from the aptly-named Sunless even more appropriate, aside from its own sonic merits of course. There is not a great deal we know about these guys (if, indeed, that is what they are), but the facts speak for themselves: Sunless make straight up dreamy pop, complete with inter-woven reverbed-up vocals with a clean take smacking up the chorus, conjuring up images of Wu Lyf and Cults hanging out by a breezey pond, playing hide and seek with kaleidoscopes and skimming stones over the water surface. We absolutely love this.

SunlessLove Like ’97

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