Been a pretty varied Easter break thus far, a mixed bag if you will. Highlights include the glorious sunshine, in contrast with the prettaaaay shittaaaaay thunderstorm that took hold of London’s skies yesterday evening, which allowed for a number of actionable outdoor-based activities, including (but not limited to) epic beer garden sessions; barbeques in a backdrop that bears the closest resemblence to the jungles of Vietnam as you’re going to get in East London; a few laps around Victoria park in order to put our new favourite sport of “Ice Cream Van Hunting” into full effect. Sadly, what goes up must come down. As you can imagine, most of the aforementioned activities involve copious amounts of boozing (there is no such thing as just a couple o’ cheekies), partnered with the rediscovered ability to go through at least a packet of Marlborough Lights/Golds in one sitting, which on at least one occassion has led to us having beef with one of the local people in the local pubs we find ourselves stumbling through. To us, this context more or less sums up the essence of the subject of today’s Introducing… feature, which is the booze-swigging, party-harding, sick-happiness of newish Brighton four-piece Whitemare

Whitemare – The Fuck

Whitemare – Rock & Roll

If you had sellotaped a little fly-on-the-forehead camera to our person over the course of the last three days with this playing in the background, you’d have possibly one of the best music videos since Jack Black and Dave Grohl got it on in the woods to the under-rated Foo Fighters tune Low. Although really that’s got bugger all to do with Whitemare, who take more musical direction from recent punk rock’n’roll greats such as The Bronx, Gay For Johnny Depp and Cancer Bats than anything else remotely approaching the arena-rock sphere, with perhaps an extra 2 or 3 parts liquor and/or narcotics thrown into the mix. The band themselves may well be considered a “super-group” of sorts themselves in certain circles; Killing Moon understands two members in their ranks have experienced previous glory in the form of metalcore merchants Architects and Johnny Truant. We were also pleased to learn that yet another former Blueskies crewman, Lewis “Big” Porter, rolls the deep bass with this tribe of merry men – when he’s not shaking his wee-wee with the likes of Cee Lo Green or Crystal Castles. Whatta man.

Whitemare – Hangover

Whitemare – Ready To Go

Despite the band dropping their 5-track self-titled EP well over a year ago (which lasts a grand total of 6 minutes in duration), we’re going on the assumption that the band’s “big push” is only just commencing now, presumably following the loosening up of commitments to other musical projects mentioned about. Indeed, a performance at the growing-ever-closer Great Escape festival in Brighton next month has been confirmed in the last 48 hours, giving everyone looking for something with a bit more bollocks to it on the line up a bit happier. Given that, and the promise of fresh new recorded material on the way, we’re certainly looking forward to throwing down with these dudes in a big, big way.


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