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“The Dark Passenger”

Guess what we did last night? Yeah, we had a meat and chips from City Kebab eventually, but guess what else we did? We went along to Islington Academy to see Sugarcult. Yep, Bouncing Off The Walls, Los Angeles, all those mega pop-punk hits that the cooler amongst you probably don’t know – there we were, pint of Gaymer’s cider in hand, putting hands in the air like we just didn’t friggin’ care, and generally making a big asshole of ourselves. There is something to be said about bands of yore that we had a now-nearly-embarrassing appreciation of, stemming from a sense of nostalgia around our secondary school days plus a bit of sixth form, that after some time is provides an injection of contrasting new and youthful energy into the mix; which nicely brings us to the subject matter of our new Track O’ Today, The Dark Passenger from new synth-rocky upstarts Book Affair. On the nostalgia side, these bright sparks draw on early 80’s inpired pop, a la Gary Numan, mixed in with the frontrunners of punk rock during the time, a la Hüsker Dü (particularly in reference to the dual-layered effect on singer William Blackaby’s vocal). On the new side, they’ve been a band for a matter of months, and are already picking up musical momentum across London, culminating into a couple of shows in the coming weeks at Catch (29th April) and Proud Galleries (8th May). Although, having said all that, we understand that these are fresh-off-the-mixing desk demos – we can’t wait to see what these guys can do in the near future as things develop…

Book Affair – The Dark Passenger

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