“Houseboat Babies”

Today could not more resemble an episode of America’s Next Top Model if it personified itself as a cross-dressing runway coach and clicked its fingers every two seconds while simultaneously giving it all “nuh UH girlfriend”. For today was full of something that could be loosely termed Go-Sees. Up bright and early, we visited a number of dudes and dudettes; we ate their fruits (literally), drank their beverages, took their CDs, listened to their words and those of their artists. We did not have to practice walking – it was safe to say we mastered that particular art form long ago, to the point that we have developed our own trademark style, known throughout the world as “Duck Butt Waddle Deluxe”. We had the perfect musical accomplice to help us hop on the good foot and do the bad thing along the mean streets of High Holborn, in the form of the rather brilliantly-named Reptar, the latest recipients of the coveted Track Of The Day title with their indie-bopping tune Houseboat Babies. While we realise, especially in the eyes of the industry royalty who check out this blog from time to time, that these dudes were the big buzz band to come out of this year’s SXSW bash, we are nevertheless writing about it now, if for nothing else more than the gargantuan feel-good factor it is currently providing us with. Think Ok Go tying the proverbial knot with the eternally-jubilant Heypenny, and you’d probably find yourself experiencing a similar sensation to riding the Super Fun Happy Slide with Chappo at Funland Amusement Park when you clap your earlobes on this little beauty.

Reptar – Houseboat Babies


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