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Introducing…Grandfather Birds

This weekend was a lesson on learning how to not spend money. Okay, we’ve already managed to trip up on our own bullshit with the first sentence right there. We blew over £80 on Friday night, attributable to the early curfew set for the Rival Schools/And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead double-headliner at Electric Ballroom – although we’re not complaining, being home by 11pm is fine by us. However, this led to certain ancilliary expenditures, as there often is, namely 1 x burger king (standalone bacon double cheese and a large fries. Should have got the meal deal); 1 x pack of Marlborough Lights/Golds; 4 x Amstels and 3 x Gaymer’s Ciders (we had our special ladyfriend with us, although we did have several gulps of her cider whilst “holiding it” for her); 2 x City Kebab’s finest meat and chips and a coke; and a whole bunch of other shit we shouldn’t really mention. So, to qualify our opening statement, the rest of the weekend was spent learning how not to spend money. Which was unfortunate, as of course yesterday was the annual Record Store Day. Despite our most valiant efforts to splurge out on limited edition 7″ pressings and one-day-only releases, owing to the previous evenings indulgences all we managed to get was a wristband to the Rough Trade East aftershow party, which we didn’t even go to in the end because we watched Man U/City. Did we feel musically deprived? No, we did not. We had Grandfather Birds helping us out on that front…

Grandfather Birds – Higher Bridges


Spawned from the same thriving Newcastle music scene that gave us the mighty Polarsets – and if you’re wondering when we’re going to shut up about those guys, the answer is not any time soon – Grandfather Birds might well be considered the more-mature and pretty reserved older sibling were this a familial set up. Drawing their sound from a range of influences – let’s say a blend of Mumford & Sons’ more inventive moments, a solid body comprised of Grizzly Bear‘s duality of indie rock and folk, and the inticing vocal tones and instrumental complexities of Radiohead – these four merry men are taking leftfield sounds into the conventional mainstream. Cue a link up with Little Comets‘ guitarist Michael Coles who ended up manning the mixing desk for a unique recording sesh, taking place under “a number of Newcastle’s legendary bridges”, and the resultant songs have ended up in the laps of everyone’s favourite-station-since-it-was-saved-from-the-jaws-of-financial-doom, BBC 6Music. Right on. The chaps have already touched down in London town, with a packed-out headline stint at Old Blue Last a couple of days ago.

Grandfather Birds – She Likes It On The Left (Live)

Grandfather Birds – Grandfather’s Bones

Naturally, you’ll be asking “was zur hölle ist los mit diesen leuten?”, especially if you are of the Teutonic persuasion. Well, we’ll tell ya. These dudes are going all out with a single release, in the form of the above-posted Higher Bridges, which shall be unleased upon this green and pleasant land on 2nd May. This is being backed by a North-ish tour, touching down at such locations as Edinburgh, Liverpool, Durham as well as two hometown shows in Newcastle, followed by a chunk of festival dates running throughout June, July and August. We’d recommend getting involved and seeing what all the fuss is about for yourselves.


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