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“Never Gonna Care”

Now, this is a bit spesh. A couple of days ago, we received an email containing information regarding our new Track Of The Day addressed to “Michael”. Now, we’ve been called many things, but Michael is a new one. Thankfully we opted not to forward said email to one of the two chaps named Michael that we actually do know, and instead sent an electronic communication back to the sender, in order to clarify whether indeed the message was intended for us, and whether in any event they would mind us using the material contained therein for blogging purposes. Turns out it was meant for us, which is superb, and the content is hot-damn amazing, so it’s a win-win situation. Hence why we’re talking about it now. The Low Suns met at The Barley Mow pub (we think they mean the one in Chiswick, which is awesome), disillusioned with music, love and life in general, and collectively started bashing their heads together in order to come up with a solution. Taking influence from Jeff Buckley, Flaming Lips, English romance and a whole load of ambition, they have recently posted up this incredible video for the track Never Gonna Care, which is in fact so sleek and catchy that Gary Barlow will be a bit fucked off he didn’t come up with this first. Watch below.


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  1. In awe 2

    These guys are the big new thing. Caught them at a private gig in London. The music scene has been waiting for this…

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