Lover Lover

Oh lordy lord. Genuinely, we have really done it this time. Here’s a simple mathmatical equation for y’all: all that pent up resentment from getting screwed over at previous places of employment, multiplied by our outspoken sense of over-ambition, plus having a big mouth (squared), has equalled us biting off far more music than we can currently chew. There are over 200 unopened emails sitting in our now-overflowing inbox, and we desperately need help to digest it all and, more importantly, get this waffle written up on this here webblogthingy. If you like discovering new music, are genuinely open-minded to different genres (an insight into hip hop and urban music would be cool), AND can actually write well, then please, for the love of sweet Jesus-god, holler at us. Otherwise, youse lot are just gonna have to wait that much longer for that awesome new music reportage that you so crave – Lover Lover being a good example. We’ve sat on these guys for just under a month now, having casually come across their name on Twitter and then their smoother-than-a-criminal video for the track Freebirds, the first offering from new-ish vinyl addicts Cross Keys Records. If you’re big on your sotfly-led-digitally-influenced-chillout tunes, a la Big Deal and Summer Camp (who, as astartling coinky-dink, are also comprised of precisely one boy and one girl) with a bit of Annie Lennox thrown in for good measure, then you are in for a treat.


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