Common Tongues

The Common Tongues
“Jumping Ships”

Yesterday we played football, in the sun, in Victoria Park, in the early afternoon following an up-til-4am-what-the-fuck-are-we-still-doing-in-Camden birthday party sesh, for the first time in nearly two years. Our somewhat floppy playing style was frankly shocking beyond belief – dressed in our special ladyfriend’s trackies/pyjamas, we attempted to toe-punt the ball at the goal at every opportunity (of which there were about 10 in quick session, then very little thereafter, following detection of said shiteness from the team we were on), and the balls seemed to go in any direction other than the intended target. To our credit, we were alright in goal, although this accolade failed to impress the former production crew of Soccer AM/Channel Bee (R.I.P) when we caught up with them briefly last night in Balham. Quite an evenful day, we think you’ll agree; and providing a rather delicious soundtrack to our aforementioned enjoyment of the currently sun-drenched London is a storming new track and video from rising Brighton (yeah, there) folk stalwarts The Common Tongues. There are two main reasons why we dig these dudes. Firstly, they remind us of London’s own Dry The River and/or Noah & The Whale, mixed in perfectly with the soft rugged musings of our favourite Canadian chequered shirt-wearing Seth Rogan look-aliking Dan Mangan. Secondly, this band features former Blueskies sticksman and full-time undercover lover James Drohan, who, since the glory days of the synth-pop behemoth, has grown a beard and has therefore increased his sexiness a hundred fold, as well as earning our respect for all eternity. We should also add this track goes particularly well with outdoor cookouts, which we are about to commence ourselves right now, so we clearly know what we’re on about. Catch these guys in action at the Buffalo Bar on 3rd May, or at a couple of shows at this year’s Great Escape.


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