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Introducing…Stealing Sheep

We’ve not been able to figure out how to balance a healthy social life with a work routine that regularly involves an unhealthy antisocial life for about 10 years now. Not cool. Having went to go see the rather one-sided Chelsea/Man United game last night (also not cool) and ending up furiously working on an iPhone when we should have been lapping up the university laddish culture that we supposedly moved on from several years ago, it nevertheless feels that we’re starting to slip-slide back into our meagre a-few-posts-every-week of January 2011. We’re neglecting our baby blog. We’re sorry. We’ll try harder. Now enough of that soppy crap, let’s talk about Stealing Sheep

Stealing Sheep – Mountain Dogs

Stealing Sheep – Saddest Song

The rather-brilliantly named Stealing Sheep hail from the mean streets of Liverpool. All three of them have been identified as girls, and have been together as a band for at least a year or there abouts. A couple of months ago, on Valentines Day, they released their second EP, The Mountain Dogs, consisting of the four most emotive and intelligent displays of songwriting you’re likely to hear this side of the Olympics – sure, they may look a bit like Warpaint, but their 60’s-inspired brand of psych-pop delivers a substantially greater degree of integrity and honesty that renders this group instantly likeable, with an essence that wouldn’t seem out of place on the soundtrack to Jack White‘s life. Dreamy as Cults and eccentric as Bjork, these ladies have been impressing industry and punters all over the shop, and can even count Sir Paul Macca himself as an outspoken fan. Championing from the indie elite (i.e. 6Music) has been rife in recent months, all of which indicates these dudes are set to be bigger than hula-hoops.


Want a piece? Sure ya do. With a full-blown tour announced for the UK and Ireland, Londoners can catch these tigers at the recently re-opened Nambucca next month on the 5th May. Industry types no doubt will be bounding around them like kids in a tuck shop when they hit the Great Escape festival in Brighton on 14th May. Otherwise, there are literally a shitload of other festivals you can catch them peddling their musical wares at, with a sexy new music video on the way this summer. Hold on to ya butts in the meantime.


Stealing Sheep – Noah’s Days

Stealing Sheep – Pass Through You

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