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Pushing Hands
“He’s Still Here”

Ah, the old minimalist approach. This is essentially where new bands or musical projects just give you a little somethin’-somethin’, usually in the form of a lo-fi soundclip or a picture taken and run through any number of Hipstomatic-esque iPhone applications, posting it up on a soundcloud/bandcamp/tumblr/whatever for the purpose of  reeling in casual listeners and/or overbearing blog writers and stupifying each and every one of them; like some sort of hapless trout unwittingly line-hooked by the most magnificent-looking morsel of bait that they ever had the fortune to clap their googley-fish eyes on. Hype tactics, some call it. Others call it the purest form of DIY promotion. A lot of the time you might get a dud, something that initially holds your intrigue long enough for a listener to almost kid themselves that they actually like this, well, noise. Just occasionally, however, you will come across something genuinely exciting like London’s Pushing Hands, who have recently posted up a clip of new recording He’s Still Here that seems to cut off rather abruptly and totals a whole 1 minute and 50 seconds in duration. Yet here we are; they have sucked us in with their gently-flowing blend of atmospheric strings and sun-rising vocals. We’ve also just discovered that former Little Death thunder-drummer James O’Driscoll rolls with this outfit, which only adds to their coolness. A handful of shows have been played to date, most notably at the Lexington and Old Blue Last, with more on the way at The Macbeth on the 14th April, followed by the Buffalo Bar on 20th May. It’s a bit of a mystery to us why we have failed to check out these guys live yet, but trust us when we say we intend to rectify this.

Pushing Hands – He’s Still Here

Less than two minutes’ just not enough, huh? Get your lobes wrapped on this other beauty, Between Us Now.

Pushing Hands – Between Us Now

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