We’ve some great memories of Mothering Sundays. A particularly stand-out recollection is drawn from the 2004, when a group of individuals gathered at a round table in a South Ealing Victorian house after playing/witnessing a show at a nearby Polish church hall for a friend of a friend’s birthday party (actually,while we’re on the subject, a lesson we learned post-this show was never to lend your drumsticks to another drummer, especially if they’re a horrible sweaty and spotty 15 year old goth who clearly doesn’t wash his fucking hands). The ambit of this gathering was to create the greatest Mother’s Day card ever incepted, as each of us had failed to purchase anything in good time for this particular calander event. The resulting product was a drawing on lined A4 paper of a bollock-naked bald toothy old man, holding up a token flower in one hand and a box saying “bare chocs” in the other, with an eminating speech-bubble saying “HAPPY MOTHERFUCKER DAY” (cleverly there was a reverse-image on the back of the page, with predominantly featured the naked buttocks and the tip o’ the nip of this rather haggard character). Soundtracking this feat of creativity was Clor‘s eponymous album – the jagged, spikey, oddly time-signatured elements of which subsist in our most recent TOTD from Croydon’s Auction. Drawing their name from the auction house run by one band member’s father in which they have written, rehearsed and recorded their debut 7″ single Statues, pencilled for release on 18th April yet downloadable from their website for squat right now – you can also check them out live on the very same day at the Bull & Gate. Nostalgic memories aside of yesteryear aside, this song strikes a particular chord with us, attributable by the band’s ability to produce a perfect pop song yet render it completely unlike anything else out there that has recently surfaced. That being said, fans of Everything Everything may well wish to get involved.

Auction – Statues

Happy Mother’s Day dudes.


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