Good god y’all. We’re amazed. No, seriously folks, we’re really fucking awestruck. A typical Thursday night for us means either being out at a show, or at a pub, or any number of locations that might provide sufficient distraction that we are still facing one more day of the working week, whether it be visual-based or alcoholic-based (or both). Yet somehow, here we are watching Batman on ITV2+1, which everyone knows makes ITV3, and sifting through the alarming amount of new music we have to get through. We are right at this moment in severe danger of violating our prescribed format of new music reportage – well, the format denoted from the Track Of The Day nomenclature – partly due to the fact we’ve been more anxious than a heavily tattooed man from Castleford on Jeremy Kyle awaiting the results of a DNA-paternity test to tell the world for some time now about new star-destined popstress Vela. But wait….it’s midnight! Oh YEAH! NEW TRACK OF THE DAY TIME YOU PIECE OF BITCH! Despite being a project so new that it has literally only just surfaced online, Vela is storming bubble-gum dance-orientated pop music that has already got industry chimps pulling out their biggest bananas to lure the signature of this bright new spark. Treat yourself by letting your body groove to a freshly posted new demo of Painkiller, below.

Vela – Painkiller (Demo)

UPDATE: Check out this absolutely stunning video of a live piano-led acoustic version of Painkiller. You’d be nuts to not be into this, seriously.


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