Good Shit: Skies Remix Featured on Polarsets EP Release & New Demo

Oh HELLO. The other day, we thunk to ourselves, how could a release from one of our favourite new bands be made even better, thus increasing said favouritism? By whacking a super dooper remix by our very own, our pride and joy, our first, last and other-bits-in-between Skies, that’s what. Yes ladies and gents, our boy’s work will be released as part of Polarsets‘ EP for Sunshine Eyes, which will be out on the ever-so-fresh independent label Kitsune on 18th April 2011, and we couldn’t be more chuffed. You can pre-order the bugger by clicking HERE, as well as hearing a wee snippet of boy-wonder’s offering alongside the glorious track itself and some other kick-ass remixes from Jensen Sportag and Kid Adrift. What’s more is that the Newcastle trio have announced the following tour dates, where they are likely to perform a sizeable chunk of their songs, and unlikely to play Safety Song by Men Without Hats (rather guttingly we might add):

27th April – Electric Circus, Edinburgh

28th April – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

30th April – Doghouse, Dundee

1st May – The Duchess, York

3rd May – Fruit, Hell Hull

5th May – Trof, Fallowfield (Manchester)

6th May – Live Lounge, Durham

In other Skies-related banter, he’s been busy working with the likes of Beatbullyz and League on their recording efforts, as well as making some tunes of his very own – in fact, you can check out a cheeky demo below, which features the soothing vocals of Run Toto Run‘s Rachael Kichenside. Who loves ya, baby?

Skies – My Heartbeat (ft. Rachael Kichenside)

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