The Musgraves

Introducing…The Musgraves

Goddamn right, its a beautiful day. Firstly, we offer up our sincere apologies for the lack of blog action over this weekend. We’ve been roadtripping it around the English countryside, predominantly along the M1, M4 and A309. Some parts business, others pleasure. Travelling with us has been the happy-go-lucky stylings of many a new act, that we will be all too happy to reveal to you, our adoring public, over the next week or so as we utilise further R&R to perpetuate blog action and putting finishing touches to certain projects that we’re really struggling to keep our big mouths shut about. Up to bat first is 6Music approved folk-popsters The Musgraves, who have bounced to the top of our email inbox tray in a similar fashion to a chubby kit with a red-propeller baseball cap on a rocket-powered pogo stick…


The Musgraves – So Sofia

Aesthetically more akin to Kitty Daisy and Lewis doing Alphabeat than Mumford, this Midlands foursome has been shot straight onto the mainstream live circuit following a handful of key appearances at the end of last year, which right now seems like a million years away. If the modern wave of British folk music is stuck on bitter-sweet anthems of love and loss, The Musgraves are destined to be this scene’s antidepressant. So Sofia combines handclaps, a vast array of stringed instruments, sprogs of  upbeat vocals and a few drops of the sunshine which we have been enjoying so much lately to produce what is deserves to be regarded as huge a summer anthem as Vampire Weekend‘s A-Punk or The Futureheads‘ cover of Hounds Of Love.

The Musgraves – Back To Me

The Musgraves – Fortune Teller

So, what up? An EP entitled Lost In Familiarty on the way via Lookout Mountain Records (for you that give a shit, Lookout Mountain was the name of the spot in Transformers: The Movie (the cartoon one) where the Autobot males would gather to perve on the token female Autobot, Arcee. How do we know this? Because we spent our childhood WELL). Only two shows listed thus far (notably the 02 Academy Birmingham on 4th June, if you’re around or up for the trek), although we eagerly await annoucement of a London date in the near future. Failing that, all you booking agent types need to get on this and sort these dudes out with a slot or five at a festival stage. Hell, they might even play a cover of your favourite cheese-tune Dancing In The Moonlight by YOU KNOW WHO. In the meantime, live with their pre-recorded video effort below.


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