Oh My

Oh My
“Run This Town”

“THE SUN!! THE MIGHTY RA HAS COMETH!!” is probably what the Ancient Egyptians would have thunk were they resident in London for this week (says us). But we won’t bog you down with what you (probably, unless you’re weird) already know. The fact that it is sunny has led us to believe at certain junctures that the weather is this week’s Rebecca Black in terms of social networking trending topics, and how karmically unfair it is that all those lucky buggers who got to go to SXSW this month return at the exact same moment the weather here actually turns GOOD. Setting aside our ostensible bitterness, our Track Of The Day this time round is likely the most fitting of soundtracks to the picturesque settings of this fine afternoon. Oh My are two ladies who, as far as we can tell, have done gone a rekkid-deal with probably-soon-to-be-sold-off Warner imprint-subsidiary-thingy 679, and have today made their first offering, Run This Town (not a cover of the popular hip hop-megastar collab jobby of yesteryear) available for free download from their soundcloud. To quickly surmise this great big slice of summertime bubblegum pop, imagine if the people who performed the Grange Hill theme tune in the late 80’s/early 90’s could actually sing a chorus and took inspiration from Floridian punk rockers Against Me, and you’ll probably end up somewhere real close this effort.

Oh My – Run This Town

NB: yes, we were serious when we said Against Me. Here layeth the proof….


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