Introducing…Twin Brother

More often than not, and most particularly in the sunny, sunny climes we’ve been experiencing lately, we urge for the sea, the beach, and more of that sun. Quite frankly, there’s no better place to fulfil those requirements than Brighton. Whilst we haven’t actually been down in the last few days (you thought we had, didn’t you – fools!), it is top of our list of things to do. After feeding the rabbit. And sleeping. Indeed, other than sunshine, Brighton has always been a great place to find a band (blatant plug for our main-man/Brightonian Skies), bringing us a seemingly never-ending wave – no pun intended – of original, somewhat defining artistes. So the story continues, or indeed, if you’re less of a reader and more an athlete – so has the baton been taken up by TWIN BROTHER, whom follow the lead and race far, far away. How so? Offering up something of a dark, decadent yet pleasantly emotional sound (a kind of love, rather than hate), their music is resounding.


See, told you so. We’re not the only ones to think it either, TWIN BROTHER have been narrowed down to the final eight of the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition Finale. They might just win it too; with dense, passionate vocals not dissimilar to the style of Interpol, with a raw, edgy, riff-raff of guitars and eclectic mix of other musical making things (instruments) accompanying in the background.


Twin Brother – Lungs

“Rocking Out”. Oh. Wait. What? This lot are also playing Club Fandango at the Bull & Gate, on Monday 28th,  details of which can be found here. Catch them on the small stage before they hit the Glasto main-stage, hey.

Twin Brother – The Actor (ft. Will Mussett)

Twin Brother – Nothing Stays

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