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“In Chaos”

We’ve been ill this week. Yep, all those relaxing weekends, involving late night chicken and/or meat and chips binges; 2 litre flourescent pink cocktail sessions at Reflex in St. Pauls (we were confused, big time);  8 hour stretches on friend’s sofas watching Stephen King’s Book Of Blood at 11am (it’s not only bloody horrible, but pretty shite as well) with other men in their PJ’s….turns out, its not all that great for your general wellbeing. Cue sore throats, blocked noses, and a vocal repertoire consisting of the noises that sound a bit like this guy for an entire week. What goes up must come down, and down, and down, and down so Human Traffic says. But it’s not all doom and gloom. A silver lining landed in our inbox recently in the form of Midlands-ish North Londoners Strangers who have been soundtracking our ailments with this storming, synth-tastic epic number entitled In Chaos. These dudes have simultaneously been pretty active on the remix front, providing a respectable arsenal of works that boasts Foe and KM-approved The Accusers. Check out the spooky video below.


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