Pope Joan

Pope Joan
“A Drowning”

We have made a couple decision in terms of lifetsyle changes. The first of these is to tone down our “big” fabulous party boy persona that seems to be unleased on the weekends and on the reg, lest we annoy too many people/ourselves (this is also in an attempt to help conceal the rather rotund shapes that our bellies have somehow morphed themselves into over the course of the winter months). The second and probably more relevant one of these decisions is to listen to more Pope Joan, an art-pop four piece who we picked up on last year but am pleased to report they are now on the upperoo. The boys have kindly donated new tune A Drowning for free and unadulterated listening purposes, penned for release on the 21st of this very March as a single – the track displays the jagged spikey pop stylings of TV On The Radio and/or Les Savy Fav, with a hint of Enjoy The Silence-Depeche Mode-ness thrown in for good times. We highly approve, and so should you.

Pope Joan – “A Drowning”


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