Loui Rose

Introducing…Loui Rose

We first picked up on this highly-talented 21 year old back in the summer of ’10 after one Killing Moon member began obsessively watching homemade video recordings of her playing live in various outdoor locations; said member promptly dived in head first and booked the gal for his chilled-out bohemian style acoustic clubnight above a bleak-but-brilliant student bar in Mile End. The scenes that ensued encompassed gaping mouths and stunned eyeballs as Loui Rose and her collaborating compadre Sam Dixon brought the house down with their vocal-centric tunes about love and the general bothers of life. The management team at the press wonderhouse Darling Dept were on it faster than you can say “Charlie Sheen is a teensy bit mental”, and, having taken the songstress under their proverbial wings, we can fully expect that she won’t be returning to play many East End student boozers any time soon.

Loui Rose – “Night Owls Early Birds”


Enquiries were made forthwith. Loui moved from Southampton to London at the critical age of 18 to do the done-thing of attending a university. Because apparently that means you get a better life. Not wanting to wait around for something amazing to happen out of thin air, Loui got out of dodge in 2010 and focused on creating music entirely, much to her own personal risk as an immediate life of living out of a suitcase and couch-surfing was contemplated. Suffice to say, we think it was totally worth the effort and risk – cue tunes boasting of strong Nina Simone-meets-Bat For Lashes vibes, and we have here a fistful of songs that would have fans of Adele looking away from her chart-topping success and in Loui Rose’s general direction.

Loui Rose – “Adam & Eve”


So you might be thinking that the only way is up for young Loui, and you’d be damn right. March looks set to be a busy month for her as she lands some proper showcasey-style events at The Lock Tavern and Madam Jojo’s on the 10th and 28th respectively. We strongly anticipate the industry massive to be hot on the trail of this equally-strong talent, and look forward to witnessing her epic ascention to fortune and glory, all Indiana Jones style.

Loui Rose – “Like Foxes Do”


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