Beau & The Arrows

Beau & The Arrows

Every so often – well, more like every day actually – we encounter stark and abrupt reminders that certain people were pure suckafools/foolish suckas for doubting us and a number of new acts at the time in the past. In a previous life, working for one of London’s many record labels, we kept a secret tally in list-format of bands that we had checked out extensively, had referred to our then-employers, who then went through the rather routine task of dismissing the bands in question without giving it a second thought, let alone an actual forum upon which to consider the band on musical merit alone as opposed to whether one big cheese manager/agent/producer in particular was behind it all or not. What can we say, it’s a cynical world we continue live in. To add to this ever-growing list is South London’s Beau & The Arrows, who initally stumbled onto our radar back in the winter of 2009 with a far less extrapolated version of the track Fix. Since then, the then-two-piece-now-a-four-piece project the essence of lo-fi, but present it all wrapped up in solid vocal harmonies between frontpersons Beau and Jasmine, haunting guitar effect and thunderous drum rhythms. Things in generally definitely seem to be on the up for the art-pop group – gigs booked all over the shop for the next 3 months (you can count Buffalo Bar, Old Blue Last, The Monarch and The Enterprise in that category); a new profesh-looking video for our track of today; and a single release for said track through Happy Release Records on 4th April. Check out the tune below, as well as newbie b-side Calming Effects below.


Beau & The Arrows – “Calming Effects”

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