Kill Van Kulls

Kill Van Kulls
“Fools Wish”

So. It’s Valentines Day. Chances are you’re right now either rushing final preparations for a romantic night with your girlfriend/boyfriend/porn collection to supplement the almost enforced loved-up vibes supposedly omnipresent in London today, or you’re a love-hater that planning to bitterly condemn all those engrossed in those enforced loved-up vibes on this, the one and ONLY day you can apparently show your affections for another human being on this big ol’ planet that just might be reciprocating those very same affections right back at your chudsey face. Well, we all know that Valentines is a made-up holiday anyway, but at the same time, we don’t see why you can’t get a little kinky tonight, if that’s what you feel like. What’s better is that we’ve found the perfect track for wooing your loved one, or perhaps one to get more pissed off at the fact you’re by yourself for yet another year. The Kill Van Kulls are four Mancunian men who make Depeche Mode style electro-pop and mix it up with the more modern contemporaries, a la Hurts, and we’ll be a tramp’s farty butt hole if this isn’t one of the big A&R scrum stories that you read about in Music Week in months to come. What’s better is that the guys release our track of today, Fools Wish, through their Bandcamp page on 28th February. Have a cheeky listen below.

Kill Van Kulls – “Fools Wish”

Actually, we like these other tunes so much that it deserves to be on here too. DOUBLE TREAT.

Kill Van Kulls – “Wooden Heart”

Kill Van Kulls – “Lost And Found”

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