We first got hooked by Brooklyn’s premiere psych-rock-spaced-out-green-toking-feather-wearing-bandana-sporting foursome Chappo back in the summer of 2010, when we were working under a different guise entirely and offering a free download of a sonic boom called Come Home (which, incidentally, you can grab here from our MPFree’s section) lifted from their debut Extended Player effort, the Plastique Universe EP. Since then, things have stepped up a notch or two for these space cowboys. In no particular order, they have gone from being raved about by the Andre The Giant of new music reportage Pitchfork, to being picked up by artist management powerhouse Red Light Management, performing a live session for AOL Music, and getting the aforementioned free track synched right up to none other than an Apple iPod TV advert. Which lends a lot of weight that if (A) your music is actually decent and (B) you mention iPods in your decent music, you stand a good shot of getting synched right up as well…


So, we can appreciate at these stage that the dudes fall pretty much solidly into the “amazing” category. These guys find themselves championing an indie-rock take on the psych genre of the 60’s, which in recent year’s we’ve seen being done particularly well by bands such as MGMT and Empire Of The Sun. The difference with Chappo is that you can really appreciate the method by which they’ve managed to hold on to the the essence of the genre – with consistent references to space, rockets, and dusty stuff , as well as the clear aesthetic allegiance (where DO you get a feathery space suit from these days?) – but simultaneously they’re accessible. In a good way. Rather than picturing greasy GuitarTech students and long-bearded biker dudes in shades and studded denim shirts with a Floyd patch on them losing their shit to Hendrix (although we’ve somehow managed to make that sound pretty cool), this is something for all the family to enjoy and no doubt would be ideal in a sun-drenched field, belting out on a massive fuck-off PA soundsystem, with all the different types of people we’ve mentioned getting down to it.

[bandcamp track=1031737499  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti] [bandcamp track=1614011899  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

With the live outings well and truly underway, we again eagerly await announcements of some UK dates in the near future – with rumours of a new release and videos floating about on Twitter, hopefully that shouldn’t be too far off. Those lucky enough to be venturing to this year’s South By South West bash in Austin TX will be delighted to know that they’ve set themselves up for a decent run between the 15th-20th March. If you’re not planning on checking them out, give us your goddamn badges, flights and apartment, because quite frankly you don’t deserve to go in that case.

[bandcamp track=2849722684  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

Annnnnnnd here’s that iPod advert….

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