Sensual Harassment

Introducing…Sensual Harassment

It’s not easy to mix the indie-rock music with tech-disco beats. Many brave men have died trying to create the perfect hybrid from the genres, often resulting in a scene similar to that in Alien: Resurrection when fucked-up clones of Ripley are pratting about in the lab. The key is not to end up like the others caught in the dream-wave/recession-music gap by actually thinking about how to write a song, lest ye end up with just pingy noise that might just keep Shoreditch entertained for another 5 minutes. We’re talking epic goddamn anthems here. Pyramids, Great Walls, Hanging Gardens, that kind of shit. We’ve been loving Sensual Harassment for a good while so far because they keep coming up with tunes that make us want to drive to the moon and back in a chunky party bus with the sun roof down.

Sensual Harassment – NYC Beast

Sensual Harassment – Fever

Sensual Harassment – Boss

Sensual Harassment – Russian Dolls

The NYC three-piece have surfaced a few times in the mid-to-back end of 2010, positively bothering earlobes of our cousins across the pond at house parties (we understand that at least one of them has been arrested for “partying too hard”) and gigs alike:

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In more recent months, the band have locked themselves away by way of creating their latest repertoire of vitallic and melodic tunes, playing the odd show here and there, in the build up to dropping an album in the form of Alpha Draconis. You can hear, download, and even buy the results if you’re feeling generous HERE. In the meantime, listen to these guys:


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