London’s Bastille is something of an enigma to the internet community of late, with the only certainties as to the identity of this new pop upstart being that there is (probably) one person involved in the music and that this is (probably) a guy. Which is superfluous to the fact that this is actually some pretty exciting music. A video for the track Flaws has surfaced on the Tube of You, which gives a great overview of the dude’s sound, being surrounded by a flury of influences including Yeasayer, Wolf Gang and David’s Lyre. More likely than not the industry massive will be all over this like a tramp on a discarded bag of chips – these are solid pop songs that will appeal to the indie crowd, and the minimalist approach this artist has adopted will serve to full the buzz surrounding them (well, it worked pretty well on us at least). Check out these awesome pop songs below.


Bastille – “Icarus”

Bastille – “Laura Palmer”

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