Arcane Roots

Track Of The Day…Arcane Roots
“In This Town Of Such Weather”

There has been a recent insinuation (well, more of an outright statement actually) that rock music is officially “dead”. Arcane Roots would probably say that is utter SHASH. This Kingston-based three piece, combining sounds consisting of The Bronx, At The Drive In and Pulled Apart By Horses are currently tearing that particular neck of the woods a shiny new butthole, which may serve as yet another indication that, in fact, rock music is more vibrant and, given the somewhat monotonous state of the most-sold/downloaded/played/fuck-about/whatever music that’s considered popular right now, more relevant than ever before. Check out the hard hitting In This Town Of Such Weather in hectic performance-video format below, and get your monkey arses down to either the Scream Lounge on the 14th January (that’s tomorrow, ya dig?) or the O2 Islington Academy on 17th February to catch these lads in action.


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