Photo of Gerry Rafferty

Gerry Rafferty
“Baker Street”

A somewhat bizzare start to this week’s musical proceedings – this morning HMV announced the closure of 60 of its UK stores, the latest blow in a series over the last few years which has seen Tower Records, Virgin Megastore, Zavvi and Fopp more or less bite the dust, which is likely to severely impact record labels’ (particularly independents, who as of yet are not truly able to distribute the bulk of their releases in supermarket retailers like Tesco) ability to advertise and sell their physical music products. Which judging by all the twitter banter going on at the moment will probably mean artists suffering as a result, redundancies, cats and dogs living together, volcanoes errupting, general craziness. These be hard times indeed.

To add to all this misery business, Gerry Rafferty passed away yesterday aged 63 – as did Mick Karn, of Japan fame (although we’ve never actually listened to Japan) – so this one goes out to him. Just vibe out on this sax riff.


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