Good Shit: Robyn’s Interactive Beat Machine

We like websitey-interactive-user-generated-mailing-list stuff. Technology is just super, and utilising it to make us feel slightly less creatively-challenged is always a good thing. So we welcomed news of Scandinavian pop starlet Robyn/Robyn’s “people” putting out a Beat Machine, which you can view by clicking HERE.

Essentially, this allows the user arrangement of pre-recorded pulsating rhythmic musical noises, commonly referred to as “beats”. There’s a series of video clips which serve as a visual aid of sorts in order to nudge the user into assembling as diverse a sequence as possible. You can also listen to and sample other user’s creations. And, of course, you can have a wee listen of the lady’s newish tune We Dance To The Beat (which we take to be the point surrounding the launch of such an elaborate application).

Unashamedly, we actually quite like Robyn. Here’s a video of her big hit of yesteryear with DJ/Producer Kleerup, With Every Heartbeat. We like this video. We like the way that as Robyn declares “I don’t look back”, she doesn’t. We also like the way it doesn’t explain why, in that case, she’s walking backwards. In which case “looking back” might be entirely justified under the circumstances. J’eah.


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