The Chain Gang of 1974

Introducing…The Chain Gang of 1974

Certain pedestrians on the mean streets of West London are in denial. You know who you are. The absolute bastards who defy the seemingly endless barrage of rain, rows of grey skies, and the every-growing lethargy that sets in this month just before the clocks go forwards/backwards/upwards/downwards, by going around in their shorts, shades, tshirts and flippy-flops like none of this is happening. If we were so inclined, we would film these DENIERS and place the resulting clip in our Good Effort section. Lucky for them, we can’t be buggered because we’re rinsing the line up for CMJ 2010. Not to mention the rain.


Enter Denver’s The Chain Gang of 1974, who similarly present us with summery pop-rock goodness that similarly seems amiss in the gloomy Autumn months. Beck, of course, instantly springs to mind, but after scratching the surface a little further we find ourselves insidiously entralled by the americana vocal melodies mixed with prog-tastic synths and electro-keys that brings the best of DFA, Chromeo and Daft Punk together in one big weird party wig wam. We absolutely love it, and pretty sure you will too.


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