Book: Hilarious Consequences by Babak Ganjei

We love Babak. He plays in Absentee and Wet Paint, both of which make toe-tappingly good music to chill out to. Being such a band veteren in these modern times, Babak wrote a book/graphic novel called Hilarious Consequences.

What’s it all about? Babak says “a story about juggling creative pursuits whilst attempting to grow up, be a father and not a rubbish boyfriend“. Here’s a brief snippet of a preview…


The book itself comes with its own CD soundtrack, featuring the likes of Dignan Porch, Singing Adams, The Bronsteins, Macks Faulkron, Wonderswan, Round Ron Virgin, Dan Michaelson and the Coastguards, Cheatahs, Big Deal, Wet Paint, and Matthew C H Tong of Bloc Party.

Besides being an awesome idea, we believe its a cracking read. You can purchase copies from the Records Records Records Records online store.

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