[Track Of The Day: Ánders "You Didn't Need My Love"]

If there’s one habit that we’ve picked up since last week, it is eating. We’ve heard for some time that people like to eat. For, y’know, living/energy purposes, that sort of thing. Other people like to breathe, and move, and other stuff. Its cool. But for us, it isn’t really that commonplace for us to … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Over Sands "Tune Out"]

We’re not even halfway through our first day back in the KM Tower of Power, Death, Music and Other Stuff etc and we’ve already managed to piss off everyone across the road with our excessive use of the All Internal Users email function. To put that in context, there are about 60 or so internal … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Albertine "Babe"]

It is nearly time to go home. Before we left, we were joked at and generally joked along with a number of assertions alluding to, what we perceived as, a cliche that we were going to India to “find ourselves”. The truth is, although we are here for a relatively short space of time in … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Sons Of Rico "In My Eyes"]

This morning’s departure from Delhi was not an easy one. We were instructed to get our ass out of bed at the usually unheard-of hour of 6.30am – we are more used to getting to bed around this sort of time rather than getting out of it – and much to the surprise of the … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Little Xs For Eyes "Love Gets Lost"]

  There is a fine line between anxiety-driven insomnia and just being too fucking excited to sleep. The last few days have been memorable to say the least, and in retrospect understandable in relation to the at-the-time unexplainable sleep deprivation we have experienced in the last month or two. Friday was beyond amazing. It is … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Traces "Obstacles"]


The time is now. About half a year’s worth of work, planning, scheming, plotting, ball/belly-aching, slapping, teasing, singing off key; all of that culminates in what is going to take place over the next week or so. Starting with this big-ass show that we’ve been obsessing about for the duration. If you know us at … Read more

[Track Of The Day: American Wrestlers "I Can Do No Wrong"]

  One of the guys in Radio On once told us, to paraphrase (you don’t ever wanna know what they really said, so let’s just concentrate on what they meant), “[you] crap rainbows”. Admittedly we didn’t really know what the guy was on about at that point. “Wrong”, we said. “We crap normal. No rainbows … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Pretty Taken "Dangers Of Winter"]

  Y’know how certain people just cannot function or indeed relax unless certain things are sorted and/or in-place? For example, to one extent we know at least one person driving themselves and quite a few people around them slightly nuts unless they find Mr. Right in their lives and will stop at nothing until that … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Jones "Deep"]

We could have really done with being in the office a bit earlier today. Double release day. Had to do promo and interviews and shit. Ironically these seem to be more aimed at us than the actual bands involved in our much-loved New Moons: Volume II. But, hey, we didn’t. We had a snooze. That’s … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Hana "I Don't Want To"]

    Feeling particularly sorry for ourselves this drab Sunday afternoon. Yes, of course we went out last night and of course we are in our standardised-state of feeling a bit wrong as a result. Yesterday in itself was a debacle from start to finish. We didn’t get to completing our long-awaited task of putting … Read more