[Track Of The Day: Vials "Enough"]

It is entirely possible we are succumbing to stress, once again. The insomnia – which comes and goes with the changing of the seasons anyway, which is at least part of the explanation as to what has become a principal ailment of ours for the last, dunno, lifetime – doesn’t seem to be shaking. We’ve … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Troves "Youth In Decay"]

We managed to completely botty out of hitting up V Festival this weekend. Gutted. We became a prisoner of our own (then) miserable body which only just about got us outdoors on Sunday to watch something called “The Football”. This meant that we managed to miss Sons & Lovers slay/lay waste to/party up/etc the rapturous … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Dead Ceremony "Heartbeat"]

Ok. So we had a few drinks last night. We deserved it; and now we are paying for it. We can’t move. Disabled. Zip. No movement going down up in here. This does not bode well for our man Papa John who has recently dispatched a big-ass disc of food known as pizza in return … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Teenage Kicks "Brooklyn Bridge"/"Curse Words"]

Insomnia’s back. That piece of bitch. We are taking lectures from all and sundry about how to address this. Exercise more. Eat more healthily. Do this. Do that. Blah de blah blah blah. None of you lot have suggested “have some more time”. Time is what we need, and unfortunately something that cannot be appropriated … Read more

[Release: Killing Moon Announces New Moons: Volume 2 and Club NME @ Koko Takeover Series]

Life is worth living. That’s what we think, anyway. Perhaps today of all days is a stark reminder that despite the seemingly pleasurable and often-comedic output of certain individuals – their “gifts” to the world, as it were – it often takes its toll on that individual. They more you give, with a smile on … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Human Pyramids "Relapse"]

Yesterday was all about confessions, McDonalds, searching for dinousaurs and navigating mazes that you have already navigated. And cyclists. Bet you guys had a bloody blast yesterday huh? We’re not mad at you. We’re mad at the multitude of (we’re assuming) Mayor Of London staff that exacted a blockade of most if not all access … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Dreamers "Wolves"]

It is not every day that we can honestly say we’ve met one of our heroes. Granted, we have the good fortune of hanging out with some characters of note, sometimes directly and others indirectly, and on the rare occasion looking like one-of-them-there ballers by appearing nonchalant about the whole experience. So through no fault … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Swim Mountain "Yesterday"]

We’ve been hanging with some cool dudes today. Seriously cool dudes. The UKF guys. They’re cool. Way cooler than us. They have more money than us, but then again so do a great deal of other people. Who else? Intern Chris. He’s cool. There’s another guy we met in tandem with Intern Chris – although … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Horror My Friend "Nothing"]

  Anyone else feel real sluggish today? Like, just super fucking tired? We don’t get it. We’ve been maxing out on the sleepy time. We clocked in, like, 10 hours last night. Can you get more tired by oversleeping? Dunno. Probably. What else could it be? Well, we partied pretty hard this weekend just gone … Read more

[Interview: Annabel Jones]

  The opinionated are just so very opinionated, huh? We should know, we’ve been an amateur-turned-staunchly-professional (LOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLugh) musical elitist for damn near 15 years now. We’ll certainly give you our opinion, if you ask us for it. The fact is the rhetoric of the indie gospel is as biggotted, if not more, than what the … Read more