[Track Of The Day: JUDE "Crystals"]


What’s the opposite of inspired? Drained? Diminished? Bit buggered? Something like that? We just met possibly our most-looked-up-to producer of all time (and tried not to look as if we were losing our shit in the process to a degree of success we might add) and it has made us realise that we’ve spent a … Read more

[Release: John J Presley Announces Debut Single Via Killing Moon]

  Right. We’re getting a little bit fed up with people barging us out of the way and spilling the beans on our releases before we’ve had a chance to announce them. We don’t care if you’re Zane freaking Lowe or not giving it all your Next Hype this and big-ass rekkid that (well, we … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Communions "Cobblestones"]

One of those lazy Sundays yo. Look at that sunshine. Well, that’s pretty much all we’ve done so far, mainly as we’ve spent the majority of today sat on our bee-hind. Although don’t get us wrong. We’ve done useful shit. Domesticated shit. Clothes and dishes have been washed, rooms have been tidied, emails have been … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Banta "Dark Charms"/"Three Feet From Gold"]

We really want to whinge at you. Like, to the point that we’re actually about to burst with the sheer amount of anhedonism that our ever-fatigued body seems to be enduring. Live music seems to be like a drug to us at the moment. Fickle Friends. Manchester Orchestra. These events make us feel so elated … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Rooster Cole "More Than You"]

Rooster Cole_FI

Bloody hell, Fickle Friends. You sure know how to bring the rain. Or sunshine really. The sunshine into our LIVES. Team KM piled into a car during the early evening hours of yesterday – say, 6.30pm or whatever – and suffice to say that was the most important car journey of our year so far. … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Tora "These Eyes"]

Good news, you beautiful people. We thought we had a meeting starting about 5 minutes ago. But it turns out we don’t. Sweet relief. Yes, that sure has been the order of this week. We’ve been so buried under a mountain of spreadsheets, license approvals, financial forecasts, HMRC liabilities, rights collection society registrations (do you … Read more

[Release: Duologue Announce New EP "Memex" Via Killing Moon]


Well well. Those ruddy guys over at Filter Magazine done gone went and beat us to the punch. We’re getting slow. We’re getting old. We’re getting too subdued with all sorts. The fact is, we could throw any and all excuses and rationalities at your beautiful asses as to why we have kept our mouths … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Bedouin "Bright Lights"]

Today probably represents the first day in quite some time that we have spent almost exclusively on our larry. It is quite remarkable; it was around about this time last year that we decided there was something quite clearly wrong with us, where we found ourselves in the regular habit of coming-to around the midday … Read more

[Track Of The Day: Casino Circus "Usual Ways"]

A night in is being had this evening. We’ve outdone ourselves this week. It is small miracle our body is still functioning given that we’ve probably accumulated less sleep over the past seven days than we did at SXSW. We have been having a swell time, don’t get us wrong; the last week has been … Read more

[Track Of The Day: O Electric "Ain't Got That Right"]

So, we’ve been out every single night this week so far. We gave ourselves this morning off as a result. Yeah, you heard. We had a sleepy. A lie-in. And there is absolutely fuck all you can do about it; something we discovered whilst, um, “monologuing” (is that a word?) in one of several quick-flash … Read more