Killing Moon was born in 2011 out of a sense of rejection by the wider music industry. You can read a way, waaaaaaaay longer version of that statement here.

Killing Moon (at present) is:

A new music blog. You’re reading it now
A record label
An artist management company
A concert promoter
A PR company

You can read more about all the shit we get up to by clicking around the various areas of the site which are helpfully labelled in terms of the content they respectively boast.

Occasionally, you may want to send us something alluding to one of Killing Moon’s functions above. For something specific, check out what the various people do within Killing Moon below and decide which one would be most suitable for your enquiry. Or, if like a lot of people in this day and age you don’t actually know what you want, hit us up at info@killing-moon.com

Alternatively, we accept submissions through Musosoup, which you can find here.

Given that we are typically so busy that we can’t spend all the time fluttering around and talking to our many admirers, we may not respond to every email we receive – even though we try our best to do just that, sadly the company is operated by humans and all the fallibilities that go with the accompanying condition. If we think we’re a good fit for your undeniably prolific musical talent, we will be in touch. Trust.



Achal Dhillon – ach@killing-moon.com

Managing Director / Artist Manager

Ach founded the company in 2011, when it wasn’t actually a company but more just a “thingy”. He loves talking about himself, and hates repeating himself unless it concerns talking about himself even more. This is why Ach continues to run the blog as an open diary, and enjoys telling the rest of the staff what to do all the time including prying into their personal affairs because he’s a bit nosey. 

Rob Lynch – rob@killing-moon.com

Management Assistant

The KM family would not be the same without Rob. Rob is our superstar management assistant. Having finally settled down after many years of touring with his band, he has brought his live expertise to Killing Moon’s management clients, helping them with their own busy tour schedules and generally looking after them. Rob’s only downside is that he likes listening to music all day and not speaking to anyone else at Killing Moon. But occasionally takes his head phones off to share some wisdom or jokes. 

Lana Harris – lana@killing-moon.com

Assistant To Director

All the way from Boston, Lana has made Killing Moon a truly international family. Flying from Germany to save us all from impending Music Biz Doom, Lana definitely qualifies for “The Best Person Ever Award”. Beginning as an Intern she has since blown everyone away with her industrious attitude to work and her charming personality, helping with everything from management, to PR, to hosting her very own Killing Moon radio show. She likes to say, “Hell yeah”,”Dang”, and “Yo” a lot. She also has the uncontrollable urge to laugh at her own jokes before she’s even told them. That in itself is quite funny.

Beth Madden – beth@killing-moon.com

Live Assistant

Beth is our latest addition to the Killing Moon family and is in charge of the Good Neighbour and Good Karma Club nights – they’re wicked good, make sure you head down to them. Other than Beth’s mad live event skillz, she has taken to the team like a fish to water. We’ve still got a lot to learn about her loves and loathes though. So far we know this, she is from Manchester and is a Man City fan (obviously). 

Sam Hong – sam@killing-moon.com 

Live Assistant

Perhaps known better by his handle of ‘Guitarskater59‘, Sam alongside Beth runs the ins and outs of the Killing Moon live world. Sam has been with us since February 2018 and walked into his role with Killing Moon fresh faced from University. Mr. Hong works in tandem with the label team so much so that he runs the New Moons live night, he knows how to throw a party so make sure to keep your eyes out for them. Sam is also the man behind the House of St. Barnabas charity shows but don’t bother messaging him about memberships – he won’t even give Conor one.

Conor Henderson – conor@killing-moon.com

Label Assistant

 Some say he’s Jeremy from Peep Show, some say he’s our label assistant named Conor. Since joining the KM team in May this year Conor has stepped up into the position of label assistant now looking after the entire spectrum of the Killing Moon label, from PR to finding new bands to the Track of the Day as well as hosting our weekly Demolition Day where he says really mean things about bands and has a few moans. Apart from the brilliant work he does at Killing Moon, he spends most of his time flicking cigarettes up in the air and catching them in his mouth. Nice.

George Whittle – intern@killing-moon.com

Label Intern

Some know him already by his DJ name, G-Wiz. We know him as George the Intern. However, George Whittle is not just any Intern. Throughout the summer George has been KM’s saving grace, especially whilst the team have been acclimatising to Olivia’s absence. Helping with collecting release assets, PR accounts, blog posts, and doing all the really important but boring jobs without a single complaint he has quickly become and essential part of the team. George will be missed when he does eventually move on from KM to finish his degree. A fun fact about George: He’s Northern. He also, has a burning hatred for McCoy’s crisps – specifically from the Tescos in Camden Town. A message from George, “Don’t buy them, they’re too stale”. Thanks George.



Olivia Tambini

Having moved on from Killing Moon, Olivia will always hold a very special place in all of our hearts. Olivia successfully claimed the much-coveted position of Killing Moon label manager by putting up with all manners of rubbish when she joined as an intern in early 2016.  Olivia loved chatting to people so much that she carried out the KM blog’s more bespoke interview features and in her free time would end up listening to people whine about their personal problems (mainly Ach). Olivia is the only member of KM to have received the MVP trophy upon her exit from the team – we’re all insanely jealous.