Killing Moon was born in 2011 out of a sense of rejection by the wider music industry. You can read a way, waaaaaaaay longer version of that statement here.

Killing Moon (at present) is:

  • A new music blog. You’re reading it now
  • A record label
  • An artist management company
  • A concert promoter

You can read more about all the shit we get up to by clicking around the various areas of the site which are helpfully labelled in terms of the content they respectively boast.

Occasionally, you may want to send us something alluding to one of Killing Moon’s functions above. For something specific, check out what the various people do within Killing Moon below and decide which one would be most suitable for your enquiry. Or, if like a lot of people in this day and age you don’t actually know what you want, hit us up at info@killing-moon.com

Given that we are typically so busy that we can’t spend all the time fluttering around and talking to our many admirers, we may not respond to every email we receive – even though we try our best to do just that, sadly the company is operated by humans and all the fallibilities that go with the accompanying condition. If we think we’re a good fit for your undeniably prolific musical talent, we will be in touch. Trust.



Achal Dhillon – ach@killing-moon.com

Managing Director / Artist Manager

Ach founded the company in 2011, when it wasn’t actually a company but more just a “thingy”. He loves talking about himself, and hates repeating himself unless it concerns talking about himself even more. This is why Ach continues runs the blog as an open diary, and enjoys telling the rest of the staff what to do all the time including prying into their personal affairs because he’s a bit nosey.


Olivia Tambini – olivia@killing-moon.com

Label Manager

Olivia successfully claimed the much-coveted position of Killing Moon label manager by putting up with all manners of rubbish since joining as an intern in early 2016. As well as being responsible for developing the label’s online, PR and radio strategies, Olivia likes chatting to people so much that she carries out the blog’s more bespoke interview features and otherwise listening to people whine about their personal problems (mainly Ach).

Lana Harris – lana@killing-moon.com

Assistant To Director

Lana is Killing Moon’s incredible intern all the way from Boston, USA. Since starting her internship in June she has blown everyone away with her industrious attitude to work and her charming personality, helping with everything from management, to PR, to hosting her very own Killing Moon radio show. Having made herself completely indispensable, Lana will be our very first US based team member, making Killing Moon a truly international family. 

Rob Lynch – rob@killing-moon.com

Management Assistant

Our most recent addition to the KM family, Rob is our superstar management assistant. Having finally settled down after many years of touring with his band, he has brought his live expertise to Killing Moon’s management clients, helping them with their own busy tour schedules and generally looking after them.