[About KM]

What is Killing Moon? Well, it’s:

A record label.

An artist management…thingy.

A waste of time A blog where we tell you about new bands, as well as some kick ass reviews and interviews.

Feel free to drop us a line with your music, videos, bribes, party invitations or recipes.


4 Responses to “[About KM]”
  1. Joe Mama says:

    Your site blows. No email or phone contact? You do a terrrrrrible job of representing your talent.

    • killingmoon says:

      Your name blows. If you use your eyes, we’re sure you’ll find an email contact. Get in touch, we’re dead certain we’ll get on really well.

      • gracescollide says:

        its funny you say that, my mates band royal blood got a good review on here about 4 months ago, which was the beginning of a story that now had warner bro’s touring them around england……see ya…..

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