COLL close up by Bartosz Halicki

Introducing…. COLL

Promoting the importance of positivity and hard work, Norwich based rapper, COLL remains a welcomed breath of fresh air in the Rap & Hip Hop world. Emanating an incredibly uplifting energy, the young Rapper discusses the importance of self-love, motivation and accomplishes this in an assured, empowering, and well-versed way. His lyrics are genuine, authentic, and often autobiographical. Laced with high-tempo beats, quick witted lyricism and a hugely catchy chorus, ‘Who’s That’ is another glorious string to an ever-growing bow.


“When I made ‘Who’s That’ I wanted to make sure you could feel the energy that I had in the studio. It’s about not caring about people’s opinions of you and owning who you are to the max, because life’s too short. Express yourself. It’s produced by Blanq Beats who’s from Russia and I think it turned out well for our first time collaborating.” – COLL

Acting as his second single of 2021, ‘Who’s That’ follows ‘L8 Nights’ an anthem made for the motivated which dropped in April. Showcasing a new side to COLL, ‘Who’s That’ stands as a more lighthearted offering yet remains consistent with the quality we have come to expect from this talented artist.

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