Ena Fay Promo Shot BIC


Irish/German artist Ena Fay is back with a new single “Because I Care” taken from her upcoming EP I Can Feel It, Too. The orchestral instrumentation accompanied by an enchanting voice echoes a tender, emotive ballad. ‘Because I Care’ is accompanied by a live band video featuring stunning strings and piano. The release comes after her previous singles ‘August’ and ‘Tie My Hands” released last year.

Ena Fay says: “I wrote ‘Because I Care’ about two and a half years ago for vocals and piano. Extending this song to what it is now was a wonderful experience – I worked closely with James Cox who wrote the string quartet parts and Phil Kimber who added the slightly orchestral sounding drums. The song’s meaning? It is about the pains and the beauty of caring for someone.”

With its accompanying video, ‘Because I Care’ is an evocative release in the style that has become Ena Fay’s signature. Keep a look out for more from the singer in the coming months.

Listen to ‘Because I Care’ here:

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