‘Explosive’ is an understatement when referring to YINYANG new release, ‘Bloodhound/Earthbound’. Channelling the bad bitch energy every woman deserves to feel, the single’s idiosyncratic lyricism gives any woman the burst of confidence she needs to leave a bad situation and, upon reflection, know she has made the right choice.

“‘Bloodhound / Earthbound’ is about shedding your skin of a bad situation and going through all the motions that come with that. It’s almost poking fun at the situation in a sarcastic way, and about understanding on reflection how much better you are without itYINYANG – aka Lauren Hannan, states.

The dramatic release is the soundtrack to your next break-up, but in the best way possible. Feeding the same energy Beyonce had in ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ and having a similar ‘edge’ to Billy Nomates, the hip hop/alt-pop track is a true reminder of your worth.

Listen Here:

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