From Eugene, Oregon and playing their unique blend of indie-psych-pop, Novacane are at the front of the new dreamy indie scene. The band started playing together at the tender age of 15 and their music continues to be inspired by their joint experiences during their teenage years.

‘Bad Breath’ has everything a dream pop track needs: chorus-drenched guitars, emotionally vulnerable lyrics and a cracking guitar solo. It’s an angsty track from the three-piece with its intense, driving rhythm section. At the same time ‘Bad Breath’ is an emotional release, with singer Dylan Latimer laying his signature vocal over the band’s dreamlike instrumental.

Novacane might be a new name for the combination of Dylan, Oliver and Zachary, but they’re by no means inexperienced. ‘Bad Breath’ is a powerful debut and the band seem to have plenty more in the tank.

Listen to ‘Bad Breath’ here:

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