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Dani Saldo ‘Friends Don’t’

It feels more, like, Week Four of sitting in my boxers in the spare bedroom that’s been repurposed as an office rather than Week….Six. It is Week Six, isn’t it? Give or take a week, depending on when your or your employer or your government finally bit the corona and decided that mitigating the risk of killing the most vulnerable of a population was quite a good idea. Since then, some people have decided to protest in the name of “Fuckyeah Freedom, Fuckno Living” (in a very morbid sense, some people believe that death is the ultimate expression of one’s freedom. Depending on whether that person actually decided to not live any more, or whether someone or something else did, which I believe is kind of the point here). Some people have decided to tell and/or joke to quite a lot of people that injecting themselves with disinfectant is a good idea, maybe. Others have decided a suitable reaction to dealing with the occasional bout of boredom, despite how busy they are with the plethora of different working parts of a modern record label for example, is to order not one but TWO Xbox Ones, completely by accident, wait for both of them to show up, then agonise over the decision to use vital frontline services (Royal Mail, in this instance) to get at least one of these fuckers back to Game UK. That last bit was obviously me and not a prominent political figure, but goddamn those fuckers are £300 a pop and I need the money. Probably the most consistent thing about my time indoors lately, other than being indoors, of course, is my-far-more-patient other-half who very much reminds me of this song Friends Don’t, by Filipino-born and Canadian-based alt-pop newcomer Dani Saldo which just so happens to be our Track Of The Day a mere week-ish after this has been released. The track commences with some glimmering electro samples, and Dani’s vocal and general vibe is more than a bit reminscent of another artist we’ve been chumming up lately called LCYTN, and several other Generation Z’ers that are paving a much-less photoshopped pathway into a more credible era of pop music.

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