Rozelle – ‘Searching For A Revolution’

One might argue that the world (or, at least, our world) is not really in the mood for new music right now. Everything’s shut. Everyone’s got the c-word on their mind. Everyone feels the rules don’t apply to them. Everyone feels everyone else is selfish for thinking the rules don’t apply to them. A few of those sentences are as applicable in the pre-virus world as they are the post, leaving a sense of how the more things change, certain things very much stay the same. I would therefore argue that there is more of a responsibility to keep new music churning out. Not so much for the vicariously financial reasons that I am reminded of on a now-daily basis at 10am with team calls (with the ironic hilarity ensuing, given that I have largely run my own business for a lot longer than most of my colleagues in similarly isolating conditions), but in my mind if there is any hope of returning to a semblance of what we currently call normality, it is vital that culture, in the various fixed technological mediums we have at our disposal, survives. Rozelle are describable in their native Bristol as punk. But also indie. But also electro-pop. But also indie-pop. These are the sorts of words we’re used to hearing when we’re just starting to get to know a new artist in the blog context. Their message alludes to trying to find one’s place in a world that’s full of conflicting messages pertaining to establishing a sense of individuality whilst also doing generally what everyone else is doing, which I’m sure is something that’ll resonate with everyone in the UK as of today. Give it a listen and make up your own mind.

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