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Here at Killing effing Moon, we’re all about the grassroots. Hell, we are the goddamn grassroots. What even is grassroots? In the context of music I’m not massively sure anymore/convinced at this point in my life it was just a semblance of a marketing term that a lot of folks like myself chuck around (like “independent”, although I feel that’s changing in a more substantive direction these days) to make stuff sound cool at the so-called formative stages. I’ll just say we like supporting stuff at a point where perhaps other people are unsure whether they want to lend their support at all, prior to the point that that stuff becomes so popular that y’all wanna lay claim to that shit. That’s pop culture for you. I suppose the reason I’m saying this so self-righteously is down to the origins of Killing Moon itself – although I’m aware that a lot of people also have a similar story, and coolness is typically inversely proportional to popularity outside of the more overt influencer space – and in more than several ways this is how we’ve ended buddying up with emerging minifest Airwhales. My buddy James Cox founded it. He also helped me get Killing Moon set up when it was a gleam of an idea back in the proverbial day and rather different in terms of approach and apparition from what it is now. He relocated to Iceland a little while ago; we’ve had the back and forth in terms of getting overly-ambitious ideas (you know how we do…), which is of course still ongoing; and the first produce of his ostensible labour of love with music, running a venue and shooting video sessions with new/emerging artist is this thing called Airwhales. Got it? Kinda? More info below as to what it is, and we’ll be bringing you daily posts with exclusive content from all the action over the next few days. Shabba.

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Aiwhales is a new festival taking place 7th-9th November in Reykjavik, Iceland

Whales travel in collectives called pods. They are family-orientated beings that encourage everyone to partake and, most importantly, take care of each other.

Highly intelligent beings, every whale comes along for the journey.

AIRWHALES mini-festival takes courage from our mammal cousins and shares in the same aims. We’ve come down from the sky to put on a three-day mini-festival and share some of the most talented artists Reykjavík and wider Iceland has to offer. We believe in the local music scene(s) and array of artists here, and we believe they should have an independent stage to swim with. To make a splash on the international crowds and industry. To share in the success and build bridges across the sea, internationally.

AIRWHALES belongs to everyone. Every artist partaking. Every audience member that might watch.

That’s why we’re taking back the waves.

It’s a cause, but it’s also about heart. A curated line-up of more than 20 artists, DJs and collaborators over 3 days in November (including Jelena Ćirić, Gugusar, Skauti & MSEA) competing with the biggest festivals on-land in Iceland. Nobody left behind or swept aside by bigger waves.

That’s our philosophy.

Whilst some venues have disappeared and festivals changed ownership and aims, we found the perfect place to call home for AIRWHALES. Hlemmur Square.
Originally built in the 1930’s, the building was named for its central position in the city – a meeting spot that once served as a watering hole for travellers and their horses. A watering hole you say? How convenient for us. Hlemmur Square today still features as a meeting point for a beer (or two), but also a hostel and hotel. A music venue. An arts space. Visual arts backdrop. Fringe location. Anything, really. So what better place for us to set our fins?

Music before money.
Atmosphere before accolades.
Collective over individuals.

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