ABQ ‘Edge Of The Earth’

Wuddup. I find myself alone in the Killing Moon / Last Man Music owwwwwwffice this pee-em, at least as far as these respective businesses are concerned. Peeps left, right, centre, up, down, diagonally, etc, are toddling off on holibob and I don’t know why the fuck I haven’t clocked in on that sort of action. I tend to “holiday” at music festivals abroad – over the past few years I have begun a modicum of refining that in a “I’m pretty sure I’m not working in any capacity with and/or at that festival, so I’m allowed to act like a shit like everyone else here” capacity, if anyone cares – however this approach inevitably leaves me in need of a holiday to recover from the one I’ve just been on. I am alone, yet I am not lonely; on a rather auspicious day in particular which represents one full calendar year since my previous life went up in flames, and indeed one full calendar month since my current life seemed to be fully realised. The great thing (in context, of course, and with the full unadulterated benefit of the ensuing hindsight) about one’s life shattering to pieces is, if you hold on long enough with the requisite support from your friends, you can just pick up the bits that you like the most, along with some other pieces that you thought you left behind a long time ago which actually suit you down to the ground presently. And, henceforth, thou shalt rebuild thineself as the Megatron of self-anointed awesome, in a skin that not only feels super comfortable but looks fucking great on you as well. Like Vans, basically. And I now own a fucking lot of Vans stuff (which is my version of a more-grown-up Atticus Clothing, which is what I was donning the last time I was so fucking sure of myself). Soundtracking this auspiciousness is a band from Belfast, now resident in London, called ABQ. Which allegedly stands for Albuquerque, which as we all know is most famous for its endless supply of frogs that jump. And hot dogs. You get the gist of my shitty dad-joke, so long as you were born at a point where Spaced was part of your life at some stage. My mate Pip sent them over to me to check out. Nice one, Pip. This is Edge Of The Earth. We’ve all been there. We will all go back there. Just enjoy the walk to and from the edge while you still have legs. End of preach.

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